Mohsen Motamedian
Max Motamedian

Max Motamedian is one of the most renowned entrepreneurs and CEO of Bashari Inc, a flourishing vitamin and supplement business established in the year 2008. Ever since the firm came into existence, Mr. Max Motamedian has been quite active in most of its business operations like marketing, sales, purchasing, and distribution. It was only under Mohsen Motamedian’s guidance and brilliant supervision, Bashari Inc. has become the one-stop-shop for everyone who is looking for premium healthcare products and services. Bashari Inc. Service offers a personalized health assessment by a team of trained professionals who will initially evaluate your individual health based on a range of observations and diagnoses. They will then come up with all the recommended supplements (based on your biometrics) which are handpicked to boost your overall health and wellness.

mohsen motamedian export
mohsen motamedian export
Mohsen Motamedian Export

Whilst serving as the CEO, Mohsen Motamedian Export has always ensured staying online with all the recent updates and development in the health domain. He makes sure of attending all the conventions and ceremonies held across the globe where numerous health experts get on board to discuss the latest trends in the health industry. This is how he plans ahead for Bashari Inc’s continued growth and development. In the past few years, Mohsen Motamedian has represented his firm at some of the key events like International Congress in Aesthetic, Anti-Aging Medicine, Laser Conference & Exhibition, the Dubai World Dermatology and MEPLAST 2009. It is all due to his great business acumen and futuristic vision, Bashari Inc has been able to establish a positive presence in the health and beauty care world.

mohsen motamedian washington
mohsen motamedian washington
Mohsen Motamedian Washington

It must be mentioned that before getting on board with Bashari Inc, Max Motamedian finished up with his studies from California State University, Long Beach. It was right there where he discovered his interest in medicine and secured his Bachelor of Science degree in electronics, with a major focus on biomedical engineering. He then worked as a Digital marketer and also discovered his interest in real estate for quite some time. Apart from his business commitments, Mr. Mohsen Motamedian Export is one of the most active philanthropists in the USA currently. He is involved with a number of charitable trusts and same includes the Autism Society and the Child Foundation. Talking about his key interests apart from his work, he loves skiing, hiking, watching movies, traveling and reading about airplanes and automobiles.

Successful entrepreneur Mohsen Motamedian serves as the CEO of Bashari Inc.

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